Friday, November 4, 2011

Download Aether Mod for Minecraft 1.7.3
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  • Download Aether Mod for Minecraft 1.7.3. The Aether is the “antipole” of the Nether. While the Nether is a desolate, fiery place filled with Soulsand and Glowstone, the Aether is a network of floating plains and islands. This beautiful dimension is largely peaceful even at night. One day in the Aether is three days on the surface. Thank to kingbdogz for makes this awesome mod.
    Aether Mods ADDS:
    New thing: New inventory Randomly spawned dungeon (TREASURE!)
    Mobs: Flying Pig (which we can ride and control) Dangerous Bird-Dinosaur thingys AKA Moa (shoots poisonous arrows)
    - Aether Dirt
    - Skyroot logs
    - Skyroot leaves
    - Golden oak logs
    - Golden oak leaves
    - Skyroot sapling
    - Golden oak sapling
    - Skyroot Plank
    - Holystone
    - Mossy Holystone
    - Aercloud: for parachute, can be used once
    - Bule Aercloud: from blue slime bounce in contact
    - Gold Aercloud: Can used to create parachute 2o uses
    - QuickSoil: opposite of soulsand. Will speed up. Hold Shift when on one.
    - Icestone: used to freeze water or lava when placed near
    - Ambrosuim Ore: drop ambrosuim. Works like coal (both torch and for powering enchanter[like furnace])
    - Zanite ore: Everything zanite is more powerful when weak.
    - Gravitite Ore and Block: Blocks get by enchanting ore. Blocks float when powered by redstone. Gravitite armor makes us lighter.
    - Pillar: from random spawned dungeon
    - Pillar Top:
    - Ambrosium Torch
    - Enchanter: like furnace
    - Incubator: They require Holystone blocks and one Ambrosium Torch. By default, it used Ambrosium Torches as fuel, and can incubate Moa Eggs into Baby Moas.
    - Locked Chest: STone chest, RARE, need key from dungeon boss
    - Dungeon Stone
    - Dungeon Light Stone
    - Aerogel: resistant to explosion
    All the blocks. There will be no pics cause theres a HECK lot of ‘em
    How to Install Aether Mod for Minecraft 1.7.3
    1. Back-up minecraft.jar every time you download a mod.
    2. Find run/%appdata%/.minecraft/bin
    3. Open up minecraft.jar using winrar.
    4. Delete Meta-inf.
    5. Download and Install AudioMod, ModLoader, ShockAhPI
    6. Download Aether mod.
    7. Drag all the files inside “Jar” folder into minecraft.jar
    8. Merge the “resources” folder that is inside aether mod with the “resources” folder of .minecraft.
    9. Play!

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